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Electric cars Worldwide technology

You have the opportunity to make the world more clean and get profit from this activity! Just look around – grey sky and smog is almost everywhere we go. Join our team and change the situation to the better!

About company

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About company

As soon as the first Tesla car appeared, two friends - the founders of our company, immediately bought it and were made up with this car. This is the ideal transport for both the metropolis and the countryside. However, the problem with the constant recharging almost forced them to abandon the novelty. Deciding not to give up, they started developing their own chargers. It took a long 10 years before the idea found its cost-effective embodiment. In 2013 the first charging station for electric cars from our company was launched. From that day till now we are constantly improving this station. Now we can say that we have created one of the best and most reliable equipment in the world. Decreasing the speed of recharging, we helped thousands of people become fans of the electric car.

At present, we work in two directions. The first is the active development of a highway charging network throughout the world. The second is to create a portable device that will quickly recharge the battery where there are no our stations yet. Your active investments will accelerate both processes, and we hope to find a world that will be independent from oil and gas.

Now our team includes dozens of technical specialists from around the world. We created a research department, where the most promising graduates of the leading technical universities were invited. They give rise to new ideas that surprises and astonishes even the most experienced of us.

We plan to develop this direction. We are going to maintain the momentum and your investments are an additional impetus to our development. Realizing that at present a lot of businessmen see the prospect of creating e-vehicle charging stations, we strive to always be a step ahead and win world leadership in this field.

The laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment. We do not set time or budget limits to scientists, understanding that we are contributing to the future of the whole world. This approach always pays off!
Our company research team communicates with young scientists and students from all over the world to find new employees and ideas. We can give them support point to turn the world upside down.
The economic component is no less important than technology. We have the most talented financiers in our team, so we can offer great profits to our investors and partners.
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It is for so many years ahead the development program for our company has been developed. We know what we strive for and calculate every step. Join our team and become the market leader with us!
This is the number of charging stations that have been produced and installed since the beginning of this year. Along with the growth of investments, our capacities are also growing – we have continuous flow of orders for our equipment.
This is the number of countries where our charging stations for electric vehicles have already been installed. We cooperate with all countries regardless the state of development and economy. It is important for us to implement the technology in any place.