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Electric cars Worldwide technology

You have the opportunity to make the world more clean and get profit from this activity! Just look around – grey sky and smog is almost everywhere we go. Join our team and change the situation to the better!


  • What is the main activity of Refund me?

    We work in two directions. The first is the active development of a backbone fueling network throughout the world. The second is to create a portable device that will quickly recharge the battery where there are not yet our stations.

  • Are you a legal entity?

    Yes, we are a legal entity and have an official registration in the UK, which is confirmed by a certificate.

  • Who can invest in your company?

    Any person who has reached the age of majority, regardless of status and income, can become an investor. Our programs allow you to make minimum deposits available to anyone who wants to.

  • Where should I turn to resolve problems?

    If you have any problems, you can contact our technical support. All contacts are listed on the website.

  • How to become a partner?

    To become a partner, you need to register on our website and receive a link to invite referrals.

  • Where can I find an affiliate link?

    Each registered user of the project can find his affiliate link in his personal account.

  • Do I need to make a deposit to become a partner?

    No. It is enough to register on our website and advertise your affiliate link, which you will receive in your personal account.

  • What does a multi-level referral program mean?

    This means that you receive income not only from each investor listed under your link, but also from those whom they will lead. And so to level 3 inclusive.

  • How much can I invest? And what are the withdrawal limits?

    The minimum investment amount is $ 20. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0,01. The maximum amount is not limited.

  • What type of withdrawals are in your project?


  • How long do I have to wait for the withdrawal request processing?

    Within 48 hours your request will be reviewed and processed.

  • Do you take a commission for withdrawals?

    No, you pay commission only according to the rules of the chosen payment system. We do not establish any hidden fees.

  • What payment systems can I use?

    The following payment systems are available for investors and partners: Payeer, PerfectMoney.

  • What should I do if your site is not available?

    We make sure that access to the site is permanent. For this purpose, a dedicated server was leased and its protection was prepaid. If you have any problems, write to us at

  • How do you protect my personal data?

    We use SSL certificate for secure connection.

  • What if I forgot my password?

    Use the password recovery form by link Or contact support.

  • How many accounts can I create?

    Only one. Every user who attempts to bypass this rule is automatically blocked by our system.