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Electric cars Worldwide technology

You have the opportunity to make the world more clean and get profit from this activity! Just look around – grey sky and smog is almost everywhere we go. Join our team and change the situation to the better!

Advantages of electric power plants

Our electric power plants have a long service life. Operational period of e-vehicles charging station starts from 20 years.
Fast speed
Due to the fast speed of our electric power plants you do not have to waste much time for car service – we are always nearby.
We developed devices with wide range of services, which are available for e-vehicles of different brands.
Full charge
Our charging terminals can provide your electric car with complete and fast charge. Our devices reduce the period of charge by times.

About company

We are a private company that produces electric stations for environmentally friendly cars. Cooperation with the company CHADEMO brought us to a new level in this area and now we are rapidly developing. Our main goal is to provide our clients with improved car charging services: less time spent on replenishing power, fast car charging up to 100%, pleasant bonus discounts and, of course, versatility. Our electric charging station does not require frequent replacement. The equipment is reliable and can serve for a long period starting from 20 years.

The main objective of our company is to develop the technological potential and the desire to open and improve the product. In the future, we will look for modern solutions for the operational improvement of our products.

Our company will install recharging stations everywhere, thereby facilitating the life of electric car drivers.

Process of works

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investor earn

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39 days

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4% Every day Deposit till 156% Minimum: 20$

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1.6% Every day Deposit till 132% Minimum: 20$
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Referral program

Our three-stage referral program is built on the principle of three binders: a company, a referral and an affiliate. The work of our company is based on close cooperation with clients and their remuneration for distribution of information about our company and attracting clients. Special offers, bonus and accumulative systems are the main benefits that our company provides to its client.